I Don’t Care As Long As It Doesn’t Affect Me

I was very heated about the ban on transgender people in the military. From venting on social media, I learned where my friends (straight and gay) stood on this issue. What I was most surprised about, though, is that there are members of the LGBT community who simply don’t care.

Without calling this person out, I have a gay Middle Eastern friend who said:

“It’s the trans problem to fix it. It can always be LGB (T). I never cared about the Trans community… I kept my nose out of it because it doesn’t involve me. I voted for [Trump]. For me, whatever affects my bubble, I’ll get involved, but whatever doesn’t then I couldn’t care less. It’s no selfish, it’s safe thinking… At the end of the day I won’t be thinking about them nor will they think about me.”

This infuriated me because I felt like it was a lack for human decency, selfish, and a total disrespect to the transgender community. They were the ones who began the gay rights movement so to turn your back on the very people who got us where we are now as the LGBT community, feels like a huge slap in the face to them.

To admit that you simply don’t care about what happens to other people is a big issue, in my opinion. I think that can be said overall. It’s very possible/likely that a lot of Trump supporters aren’t necessarily racist, xenophobes, or homophobes. I have found, though, that a lot of them just don’t care about what happens to other people as long as it doesn’t affect them. That doesn’t make them any more innocent or better than the racists and homophobes, though.

June 2017, I got a tattoo of an equality sign. It’s large on my left forearm and in all black. The equality sign is about human rights and has been largely associated with only the LGBT rights. To me, it means human rights. I’m gay and part of the LGBT rights movements. I’m male but I am a feminist and advocate for women’s rights. I’m Hispanic but I have marched alongside the Black Lives Matter. I’m was raised Catholic but support the Muslim community and am strongly against any discrimination they may face. I believe in equality for everyone, not just those mentioned above. As I’ve gotten older and educated, I am stronger on my stance for equality. The tattoo is a big and bold statement for something I strongly believe in.

It is difficult for someone to care for all the issues in the world and get involved. That doesn’t mean to just stand on the sidelines either and get bothered anytime someone uses their voice to fight for something they believe in. Just because someone doesn’t care or take action, doesn’t mean the next person should do the same.

I am not transgender but it is the LGBT community. Those are our brothers and sisters. Just because I’m not transgender doesn’t mean I can’t get angry or fight by their side. I’m not trying to discuss political sides. I’m just saying that overall, as humans, there is a lot of selfish thinking and lack of care for others. I’m not perfect and I’ve been guilty of doing the same. But, I catch myself. What I do though is educate myself on the topic after asking myself, “What if that was me under attack? How would I want people to react?”

It infuriated me that my gay friend didn’t care about the T community in LGBT. It made me mad that he is middle eastern (I am unsure of his religion) but he stated he never cared for discrimination against Muslims. He could easily be targeted by someone ignorant. The same people fighting these injustices and getting him where he is now are the very people he doesn’t care for. I was surprised that my friend supported a President who doesn’t care for him.

I guess in my mind it would make someone a decent human being if they were selfless. It baffles me that there are adults in 2017 who think only about themselves. I’m just not that way and I’ll always care.



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